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August 02, 2021 4 min read

Dry eyes are a common problem that most people experience, but it can be debilitating for those with chronic eye dryness. Dry eyes result from an insufficient amount of moisture in the eyes and can lead to many problems such as blurred vision and excessive blinking. This article will list ten problems that result from having dry eyes, so you know what to watch out for!

1. Dry Eyes Can Lead to Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is a common problem for those with dry eyes, which may result from eye irritation. Eye irritation can be caused by contact lenses or eyeglasses that don't fit properly and lead to excessive rubbing on the cornea. The last thing that you need is to see worse than you did before! This results in inflammation leading to blurry vision. 

2. Dryness May Result in Red, Sore Eyes

Dry eyes can lead to eye discomfort that is often characterized by redness and soreness. Nobody likes the discomfort of sore eyes. Therefore, take action soon to find the cause of the problem! It's important to get a diagnosis from your doctor if you are experiencing dry, uncomfortable eyes because itmay be the result of another condition such as iritis or rosacea.

3. It's Often Worse at Night!  

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The irritation is often worse at nightbecause the lack of tears that you have problems with during the day carries over into the night. When your eyes are closed, there is less moisture to help lubricate them and relieve any discomfort than there would be for a person producing plenty of tears. After a long day, it's hard to get the relief you need with your eyes closed! Thankfully, there aremany ways to fix morning dry eyes. 

4. Dryness Can Cause Scratches

Dry eyes can cause the surface of your eye to become rough, which then leads to scratches on your cornea. If left untreated, your vision can take a drastic turn south! At the minimum, start using aheated eye mask. It is essential that you have regular check-ups from an ophthalmologist to detect any abnormalities in the shape or structure of your cornea and recommend solutions for dryness problems. 

5. Vision Problems  

Dry eyes have a hard time producing the number of tears needed to lubricate your eye, making it harder to see clearly and may lead to increased light sensitivity. You might also experience difficulty with tasks such as reading or driving at night because the glare from headlights is bothering you more than average. 

6. Eyes May Become Itchy

Those with dry eyes may experience itching, burning, and scratchiness because they lack natural oil on their eye's surface. Try using artificial tears or lubricating drops to relieve the itchiness and discomfort associated with having dry eyes. Otherwise, you should try using a product like theDry Eye Mask

7. Contact Lenses Become Uncomfortable

Contact lenses are very uncomfortable to wear when you have dry eyes and may even cause redness, pain, or sensitivity. If you need to wear your contact lenses, dry eyes might make them so unbearable that you switch back to glasses! Try using a preservative-free eye drop to help lubricate your eyes which should make contact lenses more tolerable! 

8. Can Cause Headaches

Eye discomfort can cause headaches, and if it doesn't go away quickly, you should see your doctor. There are many causes of a headache that may be happening, including stress or lack of sleep because those with dry eyes often have difficulty sleeping due to the itching, burning sensation in their eye.

9. You Might Need Treatment

There are various treatments that your doctor can prescribe to help relieve the symptoms associated with dry eyes. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, there may be more medications for you. They might not include eye drops because "allergy" is an umbrella term that could encompass many different conditions.

There are a variety of things that can be done to help, such as adry eye mask! However, it's important first to find the cause. If your symptoms worsen or last for more than three months at a time, then see your doctor, and they will be able to diagnose the problem. 

If the cause is easily identifiable, such as allergies or contact lens use, then your doctor will be able to recommend solutions. If they can't find anything wrong with you and believe it may just be dry eyes, there are still things that might help ease the symptoms, like a heated eye mask. For one, you should try to get more sleep, so your body has the opportunity to work on repairing itself!

You could also experiment with artificial tears or lubricating drops if it's just a matter of dryness and not allergies. If that doesn't help, many other products are designed specifically for this issue, like aneye mask to help with dry eyes to help hydrate the under-eye area.

10. You Start Seeking Out Products to Help You

We made clear throughout this article how terrible it can be to have dry eyes. If you have been suffering from this problem, then you might be on the lookout for OTC products that you can use today to help you out. One of the best places to start your search is with aneye mask to help with dry eyes

Need Some Additional Help for Dry Eyes? 

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Reading these problems and knowing what you should watch out for can help you prevent future eye discomfort. Keep this article ready for any information on dry eyes that comes up in conversation or if someone tells you they are having trouble with their vision because of dry eyes! 

Dry eyes can be a chronic pain in the eye, but there are many ways to fix it. If you want to start taking action on your dry eyes, you are encouraged to check out theDry Eye Mask for some immediate relief - you deserve it! The best way is to find out what your symptoms are so you know how to remedy them and take care of yourself properly. 

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