The Dry Eye Mask produces constant and consistent heat to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

A 2021 Study trial of 1000 patients's outcome was as follows:

99.6% of patients reported a significant amount of dry eye relief.
37.1% of patients have discontinued the use of prescription eye drops at 30 days.
85.7% of patients have discontinued the use of prescription eye drops at 90 days.

Don’t let tired, dry eyes drag you down! We hold the key to alleviating dry eye syndrome and much more! ‘Zoom’ or ‘Skype’ your life away with one of our patent-pending dry eye masks as your newest assistant. Comes with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 1 year warranty for any defects.

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Dry Eye Mask



Chronic Dry Eye

Here at The Dry Eye Mask, we believe the best method on the market today to help manage dry eye is to do it organically–heat the oil from the inside out! Once heated, the oil becomes thinner making it more lucid and able to flow easier through the glands and into the eye. If you have any questions, any hesitation, or are unhappy with your mask, please let us know- email: or call: 213.471.8050

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Eye Mask for Dry Eyes

The dry eye mask, in short, uses electric energy to “heat” up your eyelid and the glands that live there to enhance the oil production needed to prevent the evaporation of the eye’s tear film. Science shows that by applying consistent heat to these glands for an ideal time of an estimated 8-minutes, oil will release into the eye. Once heated, the oil becomes more lucid than its current state to release through the tiny glands and prevent dry eyes.

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