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June 21, 2021 4 min read

Summer is all about getting outside and having fun with family and friends. What many people don’t realize, however, is what the summer season can do to your eyes.

Everyone knows to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, but are you taking steps to protect your eyes, too? Sunglasses aren’t always the answer, afterall. Here are some of the risks fun summer activities pose to your eyes and how you can prevent it with thedry eye mask.

#1: Go to a Water Park, Pool, and Lake

Water—a staple in every summer diet, and for most activities, too. Water parks offer endless fun on slides, lazy rivers, and more. A pool can be a quick getaway for any age, whether just learning how to swim or doing cannonballs off of the diving board. Going to the lake is another phrase thrown around this time of year, with boating, fishing, and more as a great way to relax.

Water Park

But what does all of this mean for your eyes? Well, did you know that, the stronger the chlorine scent in a public pool (especially indoors), the more bacteria is actively present in the water? A common infection caused by bacteria in water is conjunctivitis.This infection can either be bacterial or viral and thrives in water. It causes irritated, itchy eyes, severe redness and crusting. Chlorine also dehydrates your eyes and removes the tear film.

How can you restore the tear film and promote healthy eyes against these dangerous bacterias? Wearing aneye mask for dry eyes at night will help recoat your eyes in tear film after a long day out in the water, making sure they are in full health against any harmful germs.

#2: Get Work Done Out in the Sun

Now’s the time to revamp your landscape, mow the grass, paint the siding, etcetera, etcetera. While these are by no means fun activities on their own, you can make them fun by getting the family involved, and turning the mundane into the exciting.

Work Done Out in the Sun

While the sun gives you plenty of vitamin D, it can have some harmful effects if left exposed for too long. This applies to all outdoor activities—even if it doesn’t look too sunny, your eyes are constantly dried out under the hot sunshine. And, when you step in to cool off in the air conditioning, your eyes are confronted with blasts of cool air that will dry them out as well.

What can you do? Sleeping with aneye mask to help with dry eyes will get that tear film moving, and help your eyes rest up for a day of fun first thing in the morning.

#3: Have a Movie Night Under the Stars

Whether at a drive-in or your own at-home projector setup, watching a movie outside at night is a unique activity for any age. Have some friends over, eat your favorite snacks, and lounge in the crisp evening air.

 Movie Night

But how can this harm your eyes? Well, eye strain for screens is a serious issue, and is amplified significantly when looking at such a large, bright screen in the dark. Eye strain is painful, and can leave them feeling tired and in need of relief. With awarm eye mask for dry eyes, you can sleep inside (or in a tent!) with some much-needed restorative comfort.

#4: Go to or Host a Barbeque

Ah, the classic summer barbeque—there is truly nothing else like it. Gathering your friends or family around the grill builds bonds (and some delicious burgers, too). Whether you are a dad looking to show off your new apron you got for father’s day, or a 20-something looking to impress your friends with your new grilling skills, there’s no better time to heat things up. 


But grilling means lots of smoke blown in your face and in the air, which can be harmful for your eyes.The Boulder Medical Center explains how smoke affects your eyes:

“Tears are made up of water, protein and oil. The balance of these components is important for eye comfort and good vision. A disruption of that balance can lead to symptoms like burning, stinging, redness, filmy vision and even excess watering of the eyes. Smoke in the air can cause a change in the make-up of tears in two ways: gases in smoke can cause more evaporation of the water component of tears and toxins and particulates can cause an increase in protein production.”

How can you activate and reform this tear film after it has been dissolved by smoke? Wearing aheatable eye mask will reverse the root cause of the issue and provide some much needed relief.

#5: Cool Off Indoors

Of course, not all of your fun this summer can happen outdoors. The hottest, most humid days will probably be spent indoors trying to beat the heat with fans, ice, and most of all, air conditioning. But,according to the Economic Times,

“Air conditioners reduce humidity and cause evaporative dry eye. As the temperature decreases, it reduces the Meibomian gland’s ability to secrete oils that keep the tears from evaporating too quickly. Further, AC ducts contain moulds, bacteria and viruses which cause inflammation in the eye, thereby becoming a multifactorial source which cause harm to the eyes.”

Your eyes aren’t even safe indoors during the summer. Wearing adry eye therapy mask will help work out any bacteria, and greatly improve the function of the Meibomian gland to coat and protect your eyes.

#6: Take a Trip to the Beach

Going to the beach is about as summer as you can get. Lounging in the sand, building sandcastles, sand volleyball, surfing, wading, swimming, and much more—it’s a full day of fun.

Trip to the Beach

But there are threats to your eyes everywhere. Sand can scratch and hurt your eyes, and with the sun beating down and drying them out, it will be hard for your eyes to reform that protective coating. Not to mention the irritation from the salt water.

The best thing for you and your eyes is to rest up with awarming eye mask. This will reactivate your Meibomian gland to heal and protect your eyes for tomorrow’s fun.

Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy this Summer with the Dry Eye Mask

For all of your summer fun, there is nothing quite like thedry eye mask. This revolutionizing product will change your eye comfort and health for the better—check it out for yourself.

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