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November 02, 2021 4 min read

It's winter, which means dry air can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Your eyes are no exception and are also not safe from the punishing cold air. Dryness in the winter is a common problem among those who live in colder climates or those with lower humidity inside their homes. To keep your eyes from feeling irritated and dry during this time of year, it's vital to learn more about what causes eye dryness and some effective treatments for it!

Why Are My Eyes Dry During the Winter?

There are many reasons that your eyes can feel dry during the winter. The most straightforward explanation is that cold, dry aircan cause your eyes to feel irritated or uncomfortable. In addition, heaters used indoors can contribute to dry eyes. 

Dry eyes happen because your tear ducts cannot produce enough moisture on their own to keep your eyes moist. Usually, though, those who get dry eyes in the winter might also have problems with dry eyes during the summer. If this describes your case, you might need to use an eye mask for dry eyes at night to help relieve symptoms. 

Your tear ducts will retain fewer tears when there is dust or dirt in the air, which are allergens for many people during this time of year. The dry air combined with these particles can cause your eyes to feel irritated and itchy, causing them to become dehydrated. If your eyes are susceptible to dryness from dust or allergens, you may want to wear eye masks for dry eyes at night when these particles tend to be most prevalent in the air. 

Possible Treatments for Dry Eyes During the Winter

As we can see, dry eyes are an issue that an array of different factors can cause. Therefore, if you are already considering a warm eye mask for dry eyes among other treatment options, you might need some assistance. For your reference, here are some possible treatment ideas for the winter. 

1. Warm Eye Mask for Dry Eyes 

If you're having trouble sleeping because of your eye discomfort, we recommend using an eye mask for dry eyes at night. They come in a variety of fabrics and sizes so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

When looking for options for treating your dry eyes, a warm eye mask for dry eyes should be one of the first things that you look at. This is because they are so easily used and have a high potential for helping to keep your symptoms under control

2. Eye Drops

eye drops

Eye drops are a very effective eye dryness treatment, but it can be hard to find the right kind. If you had tried eye drops before that didn't work well or caused additional problems, then it's time to try out some different options. 

We recommend talking to your doctor to see if eye drops are a good choice for you, what brand to purchase, and if they should be used with a product such as a warm eye mask for dry eyes. 

3. Warm Water Bottle

Putting a warm water bottle on your eye area can be very soothing and relaxing, especially if you have dry eyes. If you are looking for an eye mask for dry eyes at night, though, this might serve as adequate. 

If warmth alone will help to ease some of your symptoms during the winter months, then a warm eye mask for dry eyes should be your first choice. However, a warm water bottle can serve the same purpose. 

4. Eye Massage

Eye massages are anotherproven means of helping your dry eyes. The gentle pressure of your fingers on the area around your eye will have a soothing effect and help keep symptoms under control. 

If eye massages are not enough alone, then an eye mask for dry eyes at night used after your massage might be a good idea to consider. Of course, be sure to get professional help on the best way to massage your eyes without causing further irritation, though! 

5. Warm Compress

A warm compress can be used on its own or combined with eye masks for dry eyes at night to soothe and relax your eye area. It is especially helpful when experiencing eye irritation such as itchy, red, dry areas around the eye. 

If a warm compress alone does not seem like enough treatment for your eyes, you should consider using eye masks for dry eyes at night. They help hold the moisture in place while providing a relaxing sensation that can help reduce some of your symptoms. 

To do a warm compress, take a cloth and soak it in hot water. You can even add some essential oils to the mix if you like! When the fabric is warm, go ahead and put it on your eyes for about ten minutes until it begins to cool down. 

6. Get a Professional Diagnosis

If an eye mask for dry eyes at night and eye drops do not seem to be working, along with the other ideas mentioned here, the next step usually has a professional diagnosis. This is the best way to know confidently what is causing your dry eyes.

Without knowing why your eyes are having problems with dryness, you won't be able to treat the symptoms accordingly. Eye masks for dry eyes at night may work, but you may also need eye surgery to help heal your eye area and reduce symptoms in the long run!

Want to Buy a Warm Eye Mask for Dry Eyes?


It's winter, which means it may be harder to get the sleep you need because of eye discomfort! Luckily, several treatments are available that can help with eye dryness and make our world feel more comfortable again. 

If you think an eye mask for dry eyes at night will help you experience relief for your symptoms, check out our inventory! Here at Dry Eye Mask, we have high-quality masks proven to help those with dry eye problems. 

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