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October 01, 2021 4 min read

Dry eye syndrome is not a condition that should be taken lightly. Although it may seem laughable to some, those of us with this condition know otherwise! The discomfort of this condition can lead to people wanting to use adry eye relief mask and pursue treatment options. Dry eye syndrome can also lead to serious health problems if left untreated for too long! This article will discuss 11 signs that you should visit an ophthalmologist to see if you have dry eye syndrome. 

1. Swelling of the Eyes

As a general rule of thumb, swelling is abad signthen it occurs just about anywhere in your body. Your eyes also should not swell up on their own. If you notice your eye area becoming puffy, make an appointment with your eye doctor and get checked out for dry eye syndrome. This is especially important if this symptom appears chronically or is accompanied by other symptoms like itching or burning sensations in the eyes. A doctor might recommend using an eye mask to help with dry eyes, along with other treatment choices that best suit your needs. 

2. Changes in the Appearance of Your Eyelids

If you notice that your eyelids are changing in color or have a different texture, this may indicate that you have dry eye syndrome. If your eyelid becomes dryer and starts to peel, this might be the smoking gun that you need to go ahead and seek out treatments such as a dry eye relief mask. 

3. It Feels Dry Inside Your Home

women in desert

Is the air in your home like a desert? Do you need to use lotion on your eye area before bed? If so, it is likely that air in your home is too dry and could lead to eye problems like dry eye syndrome. Dry air can cause additional irritation of the eye area and lead to more issues like styes and corneal abrasions. Make sure you invest in some sort of humidifier and an eye mask to help with dry eyes. 

Also, make sure you have proper ventilation in your bedroom while you sleep! If the room is too stuffy, it will lead to eye irritation and sleeping problems like insomnia—which can keep you up all night long with no relief for your eyes. If necessary, use a dry eye relief mask. 

4. Experiencing Eye Irritation and Itching More than Usual

Do you find yourself constantly rubbing your eye area to relieve eye irritation and itching? If so, you may have dry eye syndrome. If eye dryness is left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, do what you can to solve the issue today. 

5. Itchy & Red Eyes that Constantly Feel Like They're Burning

If you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes may feel like they're burning all the time. This is a serious sign that should not be taken lightly and needs immediate attention from an eye doctor, the use of a dry eye relief mask, and so on!

Another crucial thing to mention: if you find yourself constantly having itching or red eyes combined with blurry vision, this is a serious eye emergency. You need to see your eye doctor immediately.

6. Excessive Tearing or Watery Discharge from Your Eyes 

As eye dryness worsens, eye discharge might increase. In some cases, it can even become excessive and lead to severe eye irritation. This is the time when you need to get proactive and start using eye drops or eye ointments. However, eye dryness is likely the main culprit here—so you should make an appointment with your eye doctor ASAP. As mentioned, an eye mask to help with dry eyes might be something that they recommend. 

7. Feeling the Need to Blink Excessively 

Feeling like you need to blink excessively can be a sign of eye dryness. We all blink every few seconds, but blinking can become necessary with every eye movement when the eye area is dry. In severe cases, you might even feel like you need to keep your eyes closed for long periods before you can open them up again. This problem is common for those who use a computer all day for work, as an example. 

8. Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses

If you have difficulty wearing contact lenses, you might go through an existential crisis. Of course, you don't want to go back to wearing typical glasses. Nor do you want to start using aneye mask to help with dry eyes. However, if your eyes need extra moisture and eye dryness is not treated, contact lenses may become impossible to wear regularly. Therefore, seek out help when you notice your contacts aren't as comfortable as you remember them being! 

9. Eye Styes and Corneal Abrasions

If you have eye styes or corneal abrasions, your eyes are likely feeling very irritated—and eye drynesscould be the culprit. If this symptom appears chronically, eye dryness could be the root of your problem. Corneal abrasions, for example, can occur simply because your eyes have been dry for too long, causing the cells to crack open. 

10. Feeling Like Something is on Your Eyes

Sometimes eye dryness is misdiagnosed as eye allergies, eye fatigue, eye strain, or eye irritation. The two are very separate issues—and eye dryness needs to be treated before the other conditions are tackled. If you feel like something is in your eyes, make sure to figure out what the cause is right away! 

Eye dryness isn't just a nuisance; it can cause severe damage and lead to more eye-related problems like eye infection and eye disease if left untreated. Left untreated, you could end up having to wear eye patches or eyeglasses for the rest of your life due to worsening and the eventual loss of vision! 

Need Help Treating Dry Eyes?

Dry Eyes

Do not ignore these symptoms! Although they may seem harmless at first, if left untreated for too long, eye dryness can lead to more severe eye conditions like corneal damage or even blindness in some cases. For this reason, we recommend getting a nice dry eye relief mask, along with pursuing the treatment options recommended by your doctor. 

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