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February 09, 2023 3 min read

Aging is a natural and inevitable process, but it can bring about uncomfortable and inconvenient changes to our bodies. Dry eye syndrome is one of these conditions that, although more common among the elderly, can affect people of all ages. 

Dry eye syndrome is characterized by a lack of eye moisture, leading to discomfort, pain, and blurry vision. It can also make it difficult to wear contact lenses or perform certain activities that require a high degree of visual acuity. 

When your eyes become dry and irritated, it can be hard to differentiate between a dry eye symptom and fatigue. While a lack of moisture can cause both, it is essential to identify which symptom you are experiencing, as the causes, treatments, and symptoms of dry and tired eyes can differ. Doing so will help determine if you need dry eye treatments or other solutions. 

What Are Tired Eyes?

Tired eyes are a common symptom of overexertion and fatigue. It is a feeling of heaviness, exhaustion, and difficulty keeping the eyes open. Even after adequate rest, the symptoms may persist, leading to significant discomfort and difficulty focusing. 

The primary cause of tired eyes is prolonged exposure to digital screens. Spending too much time in front of a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone can lead to a condition known as digital eye strain. Blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches characterize it. Other causes include poor lighting, allergies, lack of sleep, and underlying eye conditions. 

It is crucial to take breaks from digital screens and get enough rest to reduce the symptoms of tired eyes. Adjusting the monitor's brightness and contrast, using an anti-glare filter, and adjusting the text size can also help. Regularly taking breaks and focusing on distant objects can reduce the strain on the eyes. 

In some cases, artificial tears or eye drops may be recommended to lubricate the eyes. Some use a therapeutic eye mask. In severe cases, prescription medications may be necessary. The most important thing is to be aware of the warning signs and take the required precautions. 

What Is Dry Eye?

It is a condition in which the eyes lack sufficient lubrication and moisture, leading to irritation, burning, and discomfort. It is a common condition affecting millions of people worldwide and can range from mild to severe. As mentioned, it is part of aging but is felt by many.

At its core, dry eye occurs when the tear ducts in the eyes cannot produce tears at a sufficient rate to keep the eyes lubricated. The eyes become dry and irritated without enough tears, leading to various uncomfortable symptoms.

The exact cause of dry eye is not yet known, but many factors can contribute to its development. These include age, environment, medications, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes and Sjogren's Syndrome. In addition, eye surgeries, contact lens wear, and long-term computer use can all increase the risk of dry eye.

Fortunately, there are numerous dry eye treatments. These include over-the-counter artificial tears, prescription medications, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Additionally, there are surgical procedures available to improve tear production and quality.

What Are the Symptoms?

Though both conditions can cause similar symptoms, the primary difference between dry and tired eyes is the cause. Dry eyes can be caused by a lack of tears, while tired eyes are caused by excessive strain on the eyes. Identifying the source of your discomfort is essential to treat it properly. If you need more clarification, it is best to consult your doctor to find the best solution.


Determining if you have dry or tired eyes can help you apply the right solution and improve overall eye health. By understanding the cause of your eye discomfort, you can identify the best path to relief. It may include lifestyle modifications, such as reducing screen time, increasing hydration, and wearing protective eyewear. Taking the time to understand your eye health, identify the correct diagnosis, and apply the right solution can help you achieve healthier and more comfortable eyes.

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