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February 09, 2023 3 min read

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a condition in which the eyes can't produce enough tears or evaporate too quickly. This can cause a wide range of uncomfortable signs like dryness, irritation, burning, and light sensitivity. 

While these are the most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome, many people don't realize there are other symptoms of this condition. This article discusses lesser-known symptoms of DES, which can help you better understand the condition and how it affects you.

1. Chronic Redness  

DES can bring long-term redness to the eyes. A lack of tears or tears of poor quality can cause it. As such, the eyes become dry, red, and irritated. Additionally, inflammation can be the culprit, possibly due to allergens, smoke, or an underlying health problem. If you are suffering from chronic redness, consult your doctor to determine the cause and get the necessary treatment.

2. Light Sensitivity

This symptom occurs when the eyes become sensitive to light and the individual experiences a burning or stinging sensation in their eyes. Various factors, including a decrease in the production of tears or damage to the eye's outer layer, can cause light sensitivity. Treatments for light sensitivity include artificial tears, sunglasses, and avoiding exposure to bright light.

3. Excess Tearing

When there is an imbalance between tear production and drainage, excess tearing happens. Due to the lack of adequate tear production, the eyes become irritated, causing the tear glands to produce more tears than usual. This symptom can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, as it can be difficult to keep the eyes from becoming overly moist and irritated.

4. Difficulty with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a major source of irritation and discomfort for those with DES. People with dry eyes may also find it challenging to keep their lenses in place or experience a burning sensation when wearing them. The lenses may also move around and cause further irritation. To reduce these issues, talk to an optometrist about the right type of lens for this condition. 

5. Pain While Blinking

The pain is caused by the dryness of the eyes, as the eyes must constantly move to keep the surface lubricated. It may be a burning sensation or a sharp, stabbing pain that can be quite uncomfortable. In severe cases, the pain may be so intense that it prevents the sufferer from being able to open their eyes. If you experience pain while blinking, see an eye doctor at once for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

6. Difficulty Reading

DES can create issues with reading due to the irritation and redness of the eyes. This can result in blurry or double vision, making it difficult to concentrate on reading materials. It can also make it hard to control eye movement, which can make it hard to read words on a page. In addition, fatigue or headaches triggered by dry eye can make reading uncomfortable.


Recognizing the signs and symptoms of DES, such as eye redness and irritation, blurred vision, and excessive tearing, is essential for proper treatment. Other less common symptoms can include an itchy or burning sensation in the eyes, sensitivity to light, and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Seek medical attention from an eye care professional if these symptoms persist.

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