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June 15, 2021 4 min read

Apart from aging and medication,looking at a screen is one of the top causes of dry eye syndrome. But working online has become very common, offering excellent flexibility and potential to many individuals. It has many incredible benefits, but potentially damaging drawbacks. To help you reap the benefits of online work while still protecting your eyes, here are some of the best online jobs and ways you can avoid dry eye.

Skill-Based Online Jobs

Skill-Based Online Jobs

Most jobs require some sort of talent or past experience to be successful in. While online work is often ready to hire regardless of this, some jobs take some base-level knowledge in order to participate in.

Did you know thatthe average American will spend 44 years of their life staring at a screen? That does not even specifically highlight those who work on screens for a living. So, to be sure that your eyes stay healthy while working online, we’ll be sure to include ways you can promote eye health.

1: Online Tutor

Students and parents are always looking for ways to educate themselves and make sure they’re ready for school. If you are particularly skilled in a certain subject, put your knowledge to use and seek out online tutoring opportunities. In between students and after the day is done, make sure to refresh your eyes with adry eye therapy mask.

2: Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are high in demand, and more people have turned to the internet to find them. If you are artistic or already have some experience, put them to good use and make good money online. But, as you stare intensely at the screen for each small detail, make sure to take a 20 second eye-break for every 20 minutes you’re working. 

3: Freelance Writer

Everywhere you go on the internet, there is writing. Whether it be blogs, homepages, newsletters, etc., writers are always in demand, and companies are always looking for help. For the safety of your eyes, just make sure to use aheatable eye mask. Why? It helps recoat your eyes with a protective layer against screens and other problems.

Easily-Learned Online Jobs

Easily-Learned Online Jobs

But not all jobs need that much knowledge and skill. A lot of times, all you need is a quick online class, video tutorial, and a little bit of smarts to get started.

Looking at a screen can disrupt your tear production.Tears are made up of three layers: oil, water, and mucus. Each component protects and nourishes the front surface of the eye. So, whether or not you work online, always be sure to wear awarming eye mask to refresh and restore this protective layer.

4: Bookkeeper

You may be surprised by the number of clients you’ll find as an online bookkeeper. You’ll have to create budgets, file taxes, and more, so be sure you are decent with numbers before taking on this job. After a day of calculating numbers and managing finances, always make sure you’re ready for the next day with adry eye relief mask.

5: Social Media Manager

Many businesses have started to recognize the importance of social media on their branding and customer outreach. Now more than ever, companies are on the lookout for someone who can run their accounts and make a lasting impression. You will need some training for this job, but with a few online classes you may find you have a knack for the trade. Just remember that your eyes need a break after working on a screen, so rest easy with ahot eye mask for dry eyes.

6: Proofreader

Do you care deeply about the oxford comma? Or perhaps you just love AP style guidelines. If you love to see a well-formatted, grammatically-correct sentence, you can find excellent online work as a proofreader. But no one can complete this job without long hours in front of a computer—make sure you’re prepared for the day by wearing aneye mask for dry eyes at night.

No-Experience Online Jobs

No-Experience Online Jobs

Remember the components of the protective film that covers your eyes? Well, did you know that working online not only interrupts tear production, but may make the tear film dysfunctional, causing the necessary tear layers to either evaporate off of the eye or never be released in the first place. Thewarm eye mask for dry eyes heats up these oils, causing them to release and last longer than ever before, something that is incredibly important while working online.

Most of these jobs so far have not been for everyone. However, if you want to work online without any experience, there are fantastic options out there. Just remember, no matter what job you work, it is incredibly important to refresh your eyes with adry eye heat mask.

7: Virtual Assistant

Everyone could use a virtual assistant. They make running a business, working a difficult job, or any other aspect of daily life significantly easier. You can make helping others your daily work as a virtual assistant, and make good money doing it, too. As you take the burden on your eyes to do the hard work for someone else, don’t forget to wear aneye mask to help with dry eyes.

8: Online Recruiter

It's hard to find good help these days. Many companies have started outsourcing the hiring process to reliable people online to speedline the process. You can take on this job easily, interviewing and reviewing applications all from your computer. Just remember to always take time for your own eye health, taking frequent breaks and eating a healthy diet full of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids.

9: Transcriptor

Do you enjoy listening to people talk? What about taking notes? Transcriptors make a high salary just by transcripting audio to written word. This job requires a hefty amount of screentime, which can be mended with amask for dry eye syndrome.

Protect Your Eyes No Matter What Job You Have—Try the Dry Eye Mask

Welcome to the exciting world of online jobs you can work from home. These positions are a great way to stay comfortable and earn money easily no matter your skill level. Whether or not you work online, we spend an absurd amount of time in front of screens. So, put your own health first, and take care of your eyes with the Optometrist-RecommendedDry Eye Mask.

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